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Specific Learning Disorders/Psychoeducational Evaluations:

Georgia Neurobehavioral Associates offer psychoeducational evaluations designed to assess academic difficulties in reading, math, and writing. They are often conducted when a specific learning disability is suspected. If a problem is identified specific recommendations will be made as to how to best aid the patient in school settings.

Specific Learning Disorders/ Psychoeducational Evaluation Procedures: Patients will complete several psychological tests including an IQ test to obtain information about intellectual functioning, tests of psychological processing/executive functioning and academic achievement tests to obtain information in the areas of reading, math, writing, and spelling. These tests will also provide information about the patient's relative strengths and weakness in different domains. The patient's guardian(s) will spend time filling out forms including a developmental history, questionnaires, and rating scales. After the initial evaluation a feedback session will be scheduled. During the feedback session the clinician will review the results of the assessment as well as make recommendations about how to proceed. Additionally a written report will be generated and copies will be given to the patient's guardians. The report will include a summary of the evaluation and specific recommendations for the patient.