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Psychological Evaluations

Georgia Neurobehavioral Associates provide comprehensive psychological assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. Evaluations provide useful diagnostic and prognostic information for a wide variety of suspected and confirmed neurological and psychological disorders that can then be used to develop tailored treatment programs. Through the use of standardized tests and procedures, assessments are used to evaluate many areas of functioning. They can test intelligence, academic achievement, executive functioning (e.g. attention and memory), social/emotional/behavioral functioning, adaptive behavior as well as areas of functioning that impact performance in school, work, relationships with family and friends, and behaviors in the home and community.

Developmental/Social/Emotional/Behavioral Evaluation

Autism Evaluation

ADHD/Executive Functioning Evaluation

Specific Learning Disorder Evaluation


Why Get an Evaluation

One of the most common reasons to get an evaluation is that someone is experiencing difficulty in one or more areas functioning (e.g., development, school, peers, work). Typically, assessments are administered to diagnose or rule out developmental or psychological disorders or to establish a baseline from which educational and intervention programs can be derived.

Conditions for which assessments may be necessary:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivy Disorder
  • Developmental Delays
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Difficulties
What should you expect during an evaluation :

In order to facilitate a better understanding of our patient’s strengths and needs, the Georgia Neurobehavioral Associates team’s evaluation process consists of the following steps:

1. Initial Paperwork/Background Info Collection - Initial paperwork, including medical and educational history, will be completed.

2. Evaluation Session(s) - The number and type of tests administered are dependent on the individual's needs. There is no set battery of tests for all. When establishing a testing schedule, Georgia Neurobehavioral Associates evaluators will take into consideration the individual's age, attention span, and issues related to fatigue; thus several sessions may be necessary.

3. Written Report - A formal report is generated and distributed to parents and authorized individuals.

4. Feedback Session - Test results are discussed and recommendations are made.

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